The Burundian people started settling in South Australia in 2004, many of them came from refugee background. In 2005, few families met together and decided to form an Association of Burundian people background. The Association aimed to gather all Burundians settled in South Australia with the purpose of supporting each other and providing orientation to new settlers in South Australia.

The ABCSA has received various small grants and some major funds to carry out programs, such as welcoming parties of New Settlers and assisting different cultural Burundian groups. The ABCSA has supported different cultural groups such as:

  • Men Drummers: Who started performing and celebrating Burundian culture in South Australia in 2007. They made a difference from diverse cultural groups in SA in integrating Burundian culture among other Australian cultures. Now, Burundians are well known through its drums.

  • Burundian Women Dancer’s Group has started performing in 2006.The purpose of the Burundian Women Dancer’s group is to keep Burundian culture alive and showcase Burundian heritage to the wider community in order to contribute to the Australian multicultural society.

  • The Burundian Eagles Soccer Club South Australia started in 2006. The purpose of the club is to encourage Burundian youths and other people to exercise as the way of keeping good health at the same time increase soccer skills and be at the top to promote Burundian soccer talents in Australia. Now they are known as Burundi SA.

Formation of Burundian churches was another way of Burundians to come together to praise and worship God in the way they used to do back home. Now there are more than eight churches within the Burundian community.

In 2012, ABCSA signed an agreement of working in partnership with other organisations in order to sustain and keep providing services to its targeted groups. The partnership was named “Peachey Place Living Centre” composed by Burundian Community of SA, Lutheran Community, Housing SA and Playford Council. This partnership has continued until 2019. The partnership has ended due to lack of funding and COVID-19 pandemic that has affected a range of programs at Peachey Place Living Centre.

During that period, it has been a big success for the ABCSA to be a part of it. This was characterised by big achievements where ABCSA was able to employ five staff who run various programs and projects to community. A new strategic plan was developed. Apart from, the Peachey Place partners, ABCSA has created and maintained a good working collaboration with Australian Refugee Association and other nongovernmental and governmental organisations. The Community Access and Services previously called Vietnamese Community of SA has become a strong supporter of ABCSA financially and materially. ABCSA is achieving all those outcomes not only by maintaining good working cooperation with other organisations but also through good cooperation and mutual understanding with the Burundians living in South Australia.

Although the Peachey Place Living Centre has closed in 2020. ABCSA has secured an office space at 23 Crafter Street in Davoren Park. This useful space provides a peace of mind to many Burundian and other African migrants who are benefiting from it. In addition, ABCSA has secured a partnership with the Australian Refugee Association (ARA), the Vietnamese Community of SA and its welfare service (CASSA) and Host International.

ABCSA has a new direction that focus on empowering young people and supporting them to reach their potentials. A new two-year strategic plan has been developed to be a roadmap for ABCSA up 2023.