Community Profile

  • The Association of the Burundian Community of SA has been providing culturally appropriate services to migrants though its initiatives that aim at engaging the wider CALD community since 2005. ABCSA kept growing up to more than 800 members in 2016. It is estimated that 70% of the Burundian migrants live in the northern suburbs of Playford and Salisbury. The main language spoken at home is Kirundi but few families speak Swahili and French and also other African dialects.

  • To effectively support the Burundian migrants, ABCSA has been collaboratively working with local service providers to address the needs of the Burundian community. ABCSA has identified a range of needs that community members are facing. Some of those needs are language barriers, systemic, immigration, family reunification, mental health, drug and alcohol, gender equality, domestic violence, intergenerational issues, etc.