The Association of the Burundian Community of South Australia Inc (ABCSA) is a non- profit organization that was established in 2005 to address settlement needs of the Burundian migrants and to advocate for disadvantaged migrants and those who have their violated. Burundian migrants settled to Australia for better life. Before they come to Australia, Burundian spent decades in refugee camps in various African Countries including Rwanda, Congo DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, etc. The main reason to flee their home country was the assassination of the first elected democrat president on the 23rd of October in 1993. The assassination of the president initiated a long civil war that ended in 2005 by the Arusha Peace agreement signed between government and the rebel fighters.

Since the number of Burundian migrants started increasing in South Australia in 2005, Burundians saw the needs of many vulnerable community members who were struggling with both past traumatic experiences and settlement issues and established the organisation that will support them to overcome such problems. Although the organisation has been focussing on supporting the Burundian migrants, other African and Asian migrants have been also benefitting from the services. 

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